Now a day, E-STP is a major advancement waste water treatment using electrolytic technologies. It is modular in nature hence expansion and modification is easily possible.
⦁ Electrolytic is the passing of electrical current through water. It has proven very effective in removal of contaminants from water by destabilizing & Coagulating suspended organic and inorganic solids, oxidizing dissolved impurities.  The Process work on the principle of controlled dissolution of charged ions in water. These Charged ions on contacting numerous pollutants like bacteria, organics and suspended solids etc. neutralize them and coagulate them. These coagulated solids are subsequently filtered using suitable filtration equipments.

  • Application:-
  • Commercial buildings,
  • Apartments & Residential Complex.
  • Hotels & Malls.
  • All type of Industries.
  • Advantages:-
  • The water recycled through e-STP can be used for toilet flushing, cooling tower, gardening etc.
  • Removes suspended and colloidal solids, Bacteria and virus.
  • Reduced Sludge Volume
    Savings on Space, Civil works, Labor cost & Chemical Cost.
  • It is Noise free & Odor free.
  • Does not deplete atmospheric oxygen.